On the occasion of National Seniors Day, PICS along with Surrey-wide seniors joined in to celebrate the day. The participants rejoiced and the celebrations were doubled up, for the ‘Seniors Engagement Through Technology’ program (by PICS) crossed over yet another milestone: providing basic computer training to over 100 Seniors.

Oct 1, marked the day to celebrate the profound contributions of seniors in our homes, communities and workplaces. PICS invited seniors across Surrey to join in the two-hour celebrations, kicked off by a webinar on Chronic Disease Management. Co-hosted by ICON and presented by Harmeet Mundra, the registered dietician shared tips on how Seniors must eat in a healthy and mindful way and manage their chronic diseases with diet.

The webinar saw overwhelming responses from Seniors, who even stayed back to participate in fun-filled activities such as Can You Hear Me and Scavenger Hunt. It wasn’t the competitiveness to win the giveaways but the senior’s undying spirit of enjoying each moment to the fullest, that stole the show.

As for PICS, not only was seeing smiles on seniors faces hugely inspiring but seeing them connected with each other ‘Virtually’, was hugely rewarding. Besides, having trained over 100 seniors so far under the SETT Training program, made the day even more memorable. Though the milestone is a pat on our mark, we are truly aware that it just marks the beginning of the journey. The vision of helping all the Surrey seniors ‘Go Digital’, is far-reaching and will be achieved with continuous dedication and commitment towards the cause.


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