Stories, are what connect us to one another, they are a way to educate others, share lessons, invite conversation and are how we relate to each other.  The sharing of stories has been a way of passing on information from generation to generation since the beginning of time and is an art that some would say is sadly fading away.

Our program Surrey SHARES is all about connecting people in the community of Surrey and SHARING what is similar between us and learning from what is different. Our participants embark on a 12-week journey of self-discovery, goal creation and action planning with our Life Coach Jessika Houston from Glitter N’ Grace Life Coaching, while also dreaming up, writing and creating a story that they wish to share with the community. Noel Bentley from The Power of 3 Speaking is the Storytelling Coach that guides them through the process and who prepares them to confidently share their story on camera at the end of the program.

We are so happy to ‘SHARE’ that we now have a total of 20 recorded stories uploaded to our Youtube page for you to enjoy! These stories vary in length, style, personality and of course topics. They are filled with emotion, heart and hard work and we really hope you enjoy them!

We are making a couple of adjustments to our program in order to serve more clients in a year, so our next Cohort that begins on April 25th will be a bit shorter of a program at only 7 weeks. If you or someone you know might be interested in taking it, please go to our website to register and we will connect with you from there.

In addition to our regular curriculum, our past Alumni have asked that we create a social component for current and past participants to stay connected, so we have created a social committee that plans an activity per month for people to attend as they wish. This has been another opportunity for people to connect, share stories and learn from each other and our events have been well attended so far! Some of the activities we have done so far include a picnic in Bear Creek Park, a Christmas light bus tour, a visit to the Surrey Museum and coming up in March we will be visiting the Buddhist Temple in Richmond and then heading to Steveston for Fish and Chips!

We would love for these stories to get out to as many people as possible and ask that you SHARE them with your family and friends after you enjoy them!

You can watch the videos on our Youtube channel here:

You can visit our website and register for the program here:

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