Project Overview

The SISSIP Network Project is one of the leading projects for Seniors 55+ in Surrey and is one of PICS’ many New Horizons for Seniors program (NHSP) funded projects.

The Network

The Network consists of six organizations: the Backbone Organization, Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society (PICS) and five Collaborating Organizations, the City of Surrey, Brella Community Services Society, SOURCES, UNITI and Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association (FRAFCA).

Together, the Network brings diverse skill sets and experiences to the project, from the Municipality to organizations serving seniors, immigrants, indigenous communities and differently-abled seniors.

Community Members

The project engages community members through collaborations with the various initiatives and participation in the six Neighbourhood Advisory Committees.

The advisory committee members are from diverse fields of work, cultures and backgrounds, contributing to identify the needs of seniors from their neighbourhoods and making a difference in their communities.

Funding and Objectives

Funded by New Horizons for Seniors program, the project will be receiving 4 million dollars, to address social isolation among seniors and create greater awareness and acceptance of different cultures, to make Surrey an intercultural and engaged community.

The project started in September 2019 and will be implemented until August 2024. It aims to:

  1. Build collective capacity of Collaborating Organizations to recognize and address barriers to social inclusion faced by seniors
  2. Collaborate with other Community Organizations to leverage each other’s service strengths and expertise
  3. Improve access to information, programs and services to enhance social inclusion within the community
  4. Increase awareness and acceptance of different cultures and strengthen relationships with other population groups
  5. Support action research to understand and implement effective approaches to increasing the level of social inclusion of seniors in their communities
  6. Develop innovative approaches to engage seniors through ongoing, sustainable systems.

Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) – the Evaluating Organization

The project has engaged SRDC, a professional Evaluating Organization, to monitor and evaluate its progress, impact and deliverables.

Since September 2019, the project has performed an environmental scan and needs assessment of the services available to seniors in Surrey. Through focus groups, interviews and engaging community partners at all levels, eight categories of barriers to social inclusion have been identified. These are – Communication, Cultural Connections, Awareness, Addictions and homelessness, Racism & Discrimination, Recreation, Transportation and Technology (CCAARRTT Model).

Based on the barriers identified, the project will aim to design and implement up to 10 initiatives over the course of five years.

In Phase 2, the project will focus on delivering the initiatives through a continuous process of reviewing, evaluating, recommending and implementing changes. The project will remain flexible to adapt to changing needs and barriers and have an open invitation to Calls for Proposals.

In the last phase of the project, a detailed collective impact report and sustainability plan will be submitted to the Funder & uploaded for all stakeholders.