Free Computer
Training Sessions

For Seniors of Surrey

Program Highlights

Project Description

  • The initiative has been launched by Progressive Intercultural Community Services, dedicated to serving seniors

  • The SETT initiative focuses on educating and supporting seniors to learn Technology. 

Project Highlights

  • Training sessions offer seniors the chance to learn the basics of computers and internet

  • Empowers seniors to use their phones and computers / tablets more efficiently

  • Helps seniors connect better with their family, friends and community


  • Virtual sessions are conducted to keep the engagement with seniors on-going, even after the training sessions.

  • The weekly sessions are based on different themes and the idea behind is to encourage maximum seniors participation and engagement.


What our seniors are saying

It is very interactive and educative program through which we have learnt so many features and usage of our electronic devises. This program has enabled me to use technology in everyday life.


We were excited to participate in session the ‘Seniors Engagement Through Technology’ and we benefited a lot from the information provided by our instructor, we appreciate that. Thank you so much

Sahera Mati

Through this initiative I learned how to use technology effectively in my day to day life. I feel much more confident using social media to connect with my friends and family now.


I would like to thank everyone who participated in organizing these Sessions especially our instructor who invite me to SETT sessions. I have learned many App that helps my life, like Facebook, WhatsApp, banks App and how Settings my cell phone, laptop.

George Bolas

I have got a lot of knowledge about computers and phones. I owned it, but I used it for watching movie, finding information, buying things. Now, I am not afraid to use viber, video on phone... Thank you, and I would like to join the new course from you as soon as you have it.

Yen Thi Vu

Orv: “I thoroughly enjoyed the course and definitely recommend that other seniors take it.” Phyllis: "I really enjoyed the zoom sessions and have recommended it to my friends. Our instructor, was excellent in manner, delivery of information and knowledge. The course exceeded my expectations.”

Orv and Phyllis

Thank you so much for all the information we have learned from your technology/computer class. We would recommend to other seniors to take this course as it’s very beneficial for beginners & beyond. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and was extremely helpful & patient also answered all questions that the group had asked.

Bob and Norma

I have taken a series of online courses from SETT. The instructor was wonderful and patient with us seniors and never made us feel inadequate about any of the many questions we asked. The course material on apps for seniors was wonderful. I am enjoying using the many recommended Apps. I am now more confident using my computer, iPad and iPhone.

Joann Obyashi

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