Encouraging Mobility

Improving pedestrian travel and mobility

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Program Highlights

Project Description

  • This project seeks to reduce social isolation and encourage active transportation (e.g., walking, rolling) by providing tools that focus on how seniors are going to and from their destinations within their neighbourhood
  • Ensures that seniors are able to take breaks to reduce risk of falling and to access events and areas they frequent to encourage a sense of community

Project Highlights


  • Determine what seniors find important in a walking route
  • Develop a platform that  provides seniors of various backgrounds an understanding of where AFPR has been identified
  • Prioritize routes for future improvements as a part of existing or future capital project works and road safety objectives


  • Pilot will be in Newton, with potential for expansion to other neighbourhoods in Surrey


What our seniors are saying

"Walking is an essential daily exercise for seniors. So, it is important to feel safe and convenient to walk in our community. Having an App like what we have discussed would be amazing. The App should clearly indicate the routes, especially where to not walk if there’s construction or repair going on. It should be able to suggest a safe and clear route for users."

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