On Feb. 13, 2020 PICS conducted a seniors focus group at our Independent Living Centre as part of our needs assessment to gather ideas for sub-projects to support intercultural connection of seniors in Surrey. The group was composed of various seniors from different cultural backgrounds including some who couldn’t speak English and others who had different disabilities. Youth from PICS youth skills link program were brought in to provide interpretation support to provide everyone an opportunity to participate. Through the facilitated discussion, many ideas were advanced by the seniors including: computer literacy training, intercultural and intergenerational walking groups, yoga for seniors sessions, ethnic cooking classes and multicultural current events discussion groups. There was a lot of interest expressed to involve youth in a support capacity, including mentorship around computer and digital literacy, companionship to the walking groups as well as providing translation support to intercultural discussion groups. PICS will implement a number of these ideas in the various sub-project initiatives it will organize for seniors as it moves forward with the Surrey Intercultural Seniors Social Inclusion Partnership Network project