Seniors Engagement Through Technology – S.E.T.T (PICS)

The world is slowly gearing up to go completely digital, and it has only gained high momentum during COVID times. And while the seniors have to bear the maximum brunt of the COVID epidemic, lack of technological knowledge has made the situation even worse.

Confined within the boundaries of home, the threat of social isolation is looming above seniors and has led to limited means of engagement. The situation has made PICS’ initiative ‘Seniors Engagement Through Technology (S.E.T.T)’ all the more pertinent and imperative.

SETT is an initiative dedicated towards educating and supporting seniors in use of technology to enhance social connections and engagement within the community and their personal network.

The focus of SETT is to ensure seniors receive accessible technology support and training that is inclusive and simplified for their understanding.

Seniors can also receive hardware (iPads) through a loaning program to be able to participate in the project, who otherwise might not have resources to do so.

Program Highlights:

  1. Seniors learn new digital skills that can be instantly applied everyday
  2. 5- week classes held providing practical knowledge of Computers and Internet
  3. Multi-lingual program delivered in English, Hindi & Punjabi
  4. Course designed by experts to facilitate easy learning
  5. Eligibility Criteria: Senior Citizens (55 yrs+), residents of Surrey


Contact us:

Monisha Gupta


Phone Number:
604-596-7722 ext.313