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The role of the Action Committee is to provide advice and direction to the project and its sub-project initiatives being implemented in Guildford and across Surrey.

Members & Meetings

Members are residents of the neighbourhood, work with seniors or are seniors themselves and have chosen to volunteer with the project for a minimum 1-year term. They are an integral part of the project in providing valuable inputs and direction from their experience and insights.

The Guildford Neighbourhood Action committee is led by City of Surrey. Regular meetings are held six times a year for approximately two-hour discussions. Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all meetings are now being held on virtual platforms.

Past Meeting Dates:

February 27, 2020

May 12, 2020

Next Meeting Date(s):


If you are interested in volunteering with the Project as an Action Committee member, please contact us.

Contact Name: Sahra-Lea Tosdevine-Tataryn


Phone Number: 604-591-4186


The City of Surrey’s ‘Connecting Generations’ sub-project will include collaboration with partners and engage with seniors and youth, including all levels of government, community-based organizations, faith-based community, academia institutions and the Surrey business community.

The City of Surrey is leading the way in supporting healthy active aging through its Age-friendly Strategy for Seniors, a framework that ensures seniors, families and caregivers are supported through advocacy, policy, partnership, and service delivery. The strategy was developed through a consultation process with diverse community stakeholders and identifies four key areas of focus that supports the outcomes. The four key areas of focus are, Safety, Health and Wellness; Transportation and Mobility; Home; and Building and Outdoor Spaces.

The strategies include a continuum of programs and services from prevention to intervention that will be available for all seniors, including at risk and vulnerable seniors; engagement with seniors in a respectful way to play a role in achieving age friendly outcomes; multi-lingual and multi-modal communication to raise awareness of issues and provide information about services and programs and collaboration with partners to offer programs and services that benefit seniors.

The ‘Connecting Generations’ sub-project aims to:

  • Conduct focus groups and open dialogue between youth and seniors
  • Lead in the recruitment and initial facilitation of action committee groups, that will provide a platform to engage youth, seniors, and diverse community-based partners (all levels of government, faith-based community, academia institutions and Surrey business community), in dialogue around issues that are important to them.
  • Identify barriers and needs; intersect youth and senior viewpoints, while identifying barriers indicated in the CAARRTT (Communication, Awareness, Addiction and Homelessness, Recreation, Racism and Discrimination, Technology and Transportation) Model.
  • Develop and implement framework of Best Practices to share with community partners.

Contact us: 

Name: Sahra-Lea Tosdevine-Tataryn


Phone Number: 604-591-4186

Surrey SHARES is program dedicated to improving people’s well-being through Life Coaching and Storytelling. Participants will engage in goal-setting and personal growth exercises with a certified Life Coach. Concurrently, they will engage in telling stories of personal significance and learning public speaking skills with a Speaking Coach. During these sessions, participants will also develop the ability to tell stories and give positive feedback to themselves and others. Participants will use technology to communicate and record their progress. The program culminates with all participants telling a personal story which is recorded for their use and to share with family, friends and the community.

We are currently running our first cohort of participants and will start recruiting for our second cohort in July. The second cohort is set to start in September. If you are interested in joining our newsletter and being kept up to date with what is happening, please contact Jessika Houston at

You follow Surrey SHARES on Facebook and Instagram.

Contact us:

Jessika Houston and Noel Bentley


Phone Number(s):
604 900 2133 or 778 960 6635

The Seniors’ Centre Without Walls (SCWW) is a great way to get connected with other older adults across Surrey, all from the comfort of your own home! The program offers brief 30-40 minute interactive telephone conference sessions where you can laugh and socialize, learn new skills, and create new connections. Even better yet, the program is completely free to participate in! The Seniors’ Centre Without Walls is available for all seniors 55+ living in Surrey or White Rock. Programs are primarily delivered in English, but there are plans to launch programs in multiple languages in the future!

Contact us:

Edwin Chau


Phone Number:
604-531-9400 ext.205